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These bagels are the story tellers of Atelier D'EM, combination of our homes Montreal and Istanbul.


Traditionally, Montreal bagel is dipped in boiling honey, sprinkled sesame, thick soft bun with a hole in the middle, can be sliced to add your spread.


Traditionally, Simit is dipped in boiling grape molasses, covered with full of sesame, shaped into a thin hoop and also very crunchy.   


We created our own hybrid by taking the characteristics that we love from both. These bagels are soft inside, crunchy outside, poached in molasses, rolled in a mountain of sesames, sliceable for your favorite spreads to make sandwich. They are delicious and very authentic.


They can be freezed in an airtight freezer bags and can be warmed up slowly in a pan with lid closed.


One bag contains 6 bagels

Bagel, Montreal style (bag of 6)

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