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Our cooking workshops are designed on a whole food plant-based approach. As your hands will get dirty, you will also have the chance to taste your creations on the spot. The following workshops are available: Plant based kitchen, For Kids with Kids, Turkish street food and Turkish mezzes. 

We’re happy to arrange on-demand workshops as well as tailor-made ones upon your request. Get in touch with us to chat how we can serve you according to your needs and availabilities.

Turkish cuisine

Our passion for authentic Turkish cuisine and healthy delicious food will contribute to your cooking skills immensely. At the moment Turkish street food and Turkish mezzes workshops are available. During these workshops your hands will get dirty, you will learn some tips and tricks from a born and raised Turkish and vegan chef. We love sharing some family souvenirs and stories as well as our knowledge of Turkish culinary culture.

With this experience you will have the impression of taking a trip to Turkey while meeting with other gourmands and curious people like you.

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Plant-based kitchen

Plant-based options are becoming more and more common whether you shop at a grocery store or eat at a restaurant. We know that it is very hard to change the way we cook and even more the way we shop. Hence this workshop aims to facilitate your life in the kitchen on day to day basis.


During this workshop we will talk about whole food plant-based nutrition, reading labels and restructuring your cooking habits. As usual love sharing our knowledge and experience on whole food plant-based nutrition, and discuss how to facilitate your life in the kitchen.


If you are curious about plant-based nutrition or you are considering getting into an adventure or you are in transition you should join us at this workshop.


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For Kids With Kids

It is very common among kids to judge the food and get picky depending on the colours, the ingredients, and even the name of the meals. Yet this workshop is designed for the kids in order to give them a surprising experience in the kitchen with kid friendly, healthy and delicious plant-based recipes.


We are very much experienced on peer education, child friendly cooking, and hands on training. So don't worry, they will enjoy their time while feeding themselves with delicious and nutritious food. 


Please note that this workshop is suitable for kids between age 6 to 12.


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Have an idea?

Whether for a birthday party of your best friend, a family gathering or team building activity for your business, we are delighted to offer you a tailor-made workshop according to your needs and availabilities. Feel free to contact us to have a chat.

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